Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15092 (project freeciv):

With this algorithm, in one of the routes, the distance is about 30, city
sizes are 11 and 6, and they are both mine. So, we get (30+11+6)/16 = 2.93. I
get 2 revenue. Damn, at least we could round it up!

This is one major change. It's a lot harder to make cities celebrate. Plus,
trade route revenue doesn't depend on how "commercial" a city is or on which
continent they are. Is this the goal? Were trade routes too advantageous to
humans over AIs?

I see that the change was done in March 2007, but there wasn't much
discussion about its chilling effects on world trade. Maybe it's time to
debate it now? My opinion is that it's too drastic, and most other users will
complain loudly. At least, we should change the division factor from 16 to 8
or more. It will still be half of what it used to be, but right now, making
trade routes is not that attractive any more.


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