Follow-up Comment #7, bug #15591 (project freeciv):

I regret that I am not free to assist in beta testing a revised package.  The
installation is not intended for my benefit; hence why the access permission
*must* be correct.  

> The freetype library that is in the application bundle is permitted as
"read & write" for the user who installed the package, all others get "No

Yes, this would account for the observed behaviour.

Permissions in "/Application/" should be "rw" for the admin user & "r" for
all others (with certain rare exceptions).  

"No access" is occasionally picked up as a default permission when not in the
home directory tree.  This merely suggests that the package builder missed
this library when assigning correct permissions.

> The installer puts a "Freeciv" folder in ~/Documents/ for the user who
installed the package. 

For a Mac, the correct location for read only support files is in the
application package; but for user writable files, it is in
"~/Library/Application Support/Freeciv/".  

User downloaded extensions should also go there, so that the user does not
need to call an administrator merely to use a new map or tile set. 
Canonically, the program should check both places for files.  But,
implementation might be eaiser if the files are copied to a user when they
first run the program.

"~/Documents/" is customarily reserved for, err, documents.  

> In the meanwhile, this binary should  work when installed by the user who
intends to play the game.

No, it does not.  

Only "admin" users have write access in "/Applications/".  Nor will it run if
installed to "~/Applications/", where users *do* have write access. 


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