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>> The installer puts a "Freeciv" folder in ~/Documents/ for the user who
> installed the package. 
> For a Mac, the correct location for read only support files is in the
> application package; but for user writable files, it is in
> "~/Library/Application Support/Freeciv/".  
> User downloaded extensions should also go there, so that the user does not
> need to call an administrator merely to use a new map or tile set. 
> Canonically, the program should check both places for files.  But,
> implementation might be eaiser if the files are copied to a user when they
> first run the program.
> "~/Documents/" is customarily reserved for, err, documents.  

        I fully agree.  It seems wasteful of disk space to duplicate typically 
read only files into the home directory of every user who wishes to play the 
game.  For those who are making tilesets or whatever, i assume this would be 
handled by a link from their home folder to the application so that it can read 
in the new material.  I will have to research how this is handled in other OSs.

>> In the meanwhile, this binary should  work when installed by the user who
> intends to play the game.
> No, it does not.  
> Only "admin" users have write access in "/Applications/".  Nor will it run if
> installed to "~/Applications/", where users *do* have write access.

        D'Oh!  I stand corrected.  I should have said 'All users with 
administrative rights".  After i get the kinks worked out of the fink build, i 
will look into making a binary - i have not heard any more from Napoleon XIV 
and assume he is no longer active.  When i do, i promise to make an 
installer-free 'drag-and-drop' package.

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