Follow-up Comment #4, patch #1687 (project freeciv):

> As it is a cosmetic change which allows to play freeciv on
> netbooks I think this should go into 2.2.2. So no need to patch
> your own version anymore ...
Great! Please note that I found a typo in my backport (removed one variable
to much, fixed in the attacked version).

> Did you test the gtk2 city dialog of development branch? After
> the variable city radii were included I did change its layout.
> Perhaps it would be possible to save some height/width there
> (especially the production section on the overview page)?
I didn't until today, but here are some first thoughts:

The minimum width is still set by the production tab (at least in Swedish
translation, this is very dependent on the length of column headers and the
wonder names), so no change there.

The new position and additional height of the info box is great, it's not as
if supported and present units need the full widow width. Currently I'm using
kwin to force the window height, which cuts of several lines from the info box
in 2.2, so that change should probably be back-ported.

The line break in the Production progress-bar/drop-down-menu is imho stupid
and should be reverted, as it unnecessarily eats pixels from the Improvements

But the big problem with trunk city dialogue is the oversized city map. It
forces both the Overview and the Happiness tabs to be way to tall. On the
overview map forcing the window height will cut it's height in about half and
only show the middle of it, which is enough to show the default radii, but it
registers clicks as if it was the upper half of the map, making managing your
workers manually impossible. The only solution I can think of that still keeps
compatibility with the variable radii feature is to put the city map in a
GtkScrolledWindow that adds a scrollbar when the height gets to small.

(file #9309)

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