Follow-up Comment #5, patch #1687 (project freeciv):

> Great! Please note that I found a typo in my backport (removed
> one variable to much, fixed in the attacked version). 

I did also fixed this to do a compile test ...

> The line break in the Production progress-bar/drop-down-menu
> is imho stupid and should be reverted, as it unnecessarily
> eats pixels from the Improvements list. 

but it is needed to reduce the size of the production progressbar (test it
with: 'Magellans Expedition (W) [+] 200/400'); please try also the
experimental ruleset and a city of size 30 (variable city radii & build
slots). See the attached savegame (done with the help of the editor).
> But the big problem with trunk city dialogue is the oversized
> city map. It forces both the Overview and the Happiness tabs
> to be way to tall.

Which topology are you using? For topology 3 it is OK.

> On the overview map forcing the window height will cut it's
> height in about half and only show the middle of it, which is
> enough to show the default radii, but it registers clicks as
> if it was the upper half of the map, making managing your
> workers manually impossible.

Do you have a screenshot?

> The only solution I can think of that still keeps
> compatibility with the variable radii feature is to put the
> city map in a GtkScrolledWindow that adds a scrollbar when the
> height gets to small.

I tried this but failed as also an eventbox is needed. See also patch #1330.

If the optimization of the gtk city dialog needs more discussion this should
go into a separate ticket ...

(file #9311)

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