Follow-up Comment #6, patch #1687 (project freeciv):

> but it is needed to reduce the size of the production
> progressbar (test it with: 'Magellans Expedition (W) [+]
> 200/400')
Good point, I guess it stays.

> Which topology are you using? For topology 3 it is OK. 
I'm using topology 5. For me, topology 3 is not OK either.

> Do you have a screenshot? 
Attached. The problem is that to toggle the worker in (1) I have to click on
(2) and toggling the worker in (3) is impossible.
Also note that this only happens if you configure your window manager (in my
case kwin) to force the window size to fit the screen. If I don't do that, I
will instead have a window that continues outside the screen (see second

> If the optimization of the gtk city dialog needs more
> discussion this should go into a separate ticket ...
It does, but I will have to do some thinking first.

(file #9312, file #9313)

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