Follow-up Comment #2, bug #16080 (project freeciv):

The problem is due to the fact that the effect EFT_DEFEND_BONUS is
potentially applicable to any unit - including outdoor units - in the game
and that for the Great Wall, as the game is checking for this wonder
player-wide, the bonus would be applied player-wide too.

Resolving this problem yielded another related issue: for the same reasons,
the firepower reset of units with F_BADWALLATTACKER attacking fortified
cities did actually happen when attacking any unit - including outdoor units
- of the nation controlling the Great Wall, making this nation even more hard
to fight with custom rulesets using F_BADWALLATTACKER.

Hard-coding the EFT_DEFEND_BONUS range to garrisoned units only, attached
patches fix the problems for both the trunk and S2_2.

(file #9382, file #9383)

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