Am Tuesday 29 June 2010 22:59:03 schrieb Andreas Røsdal:
> Hello everyone,
> First, I'd like to say that you've done a nice job on the latest release
> of Freeciv. I also see that some nice progress on longturn Freeciv has
> been done. Longturn is something that I think has a lot of potential, and
> is something that I think could be improved a lot.

At the moment longturn uses a patched version of freeciv. I try to slowly 
merge it into mainline (see Some of the missing 
things are implemented in trunk; others like the database connection for 
postgres  are missing or incomplete (adding new player is done using lua but 
this needs some work).

> In particular, I 
> would like Longturn games to have more MMO-properties, such as
> more players, longer-running games and some changes to the game rules.
> Here are some questions about that:
> * New players:
> How is continuous new player spawning implemented, and how does new
> players effect the game-balance? How can a new player compete against
> another player who has played for example 500 turns already?

See the longturn patches. A new player is added with ships on the ocean. He 
gets enough attack units to fight the average player and his number of 
settlers is equal to the average nation size (sum of all city sizes). But if 
there are one or two really good players it's hard to get a free place to 
survive ...

> * Very large maps:
> For Longturn games, I think it should be possible to have much larger
> maps. This would allow many more players to play simulaneously. There
> seems to be a limit of 256x256 tiles at the moment. I have done some
> experiments with maps of 1024x1024 tiles, but I get mostly segmentation
> faults.

the map is limited to 30.000 tiles at the moment. This are mostly hard coded 

> * Large number of simultaneous playsers:
> What are the main limitations be for having a very large ammount of
> players at the same time? Some objects and bitvectors set sime limitations
> here. Also, there aren't enough flags to have a very large number of
> players.

Similar as for the map size the player number is limited to 32 (= 30 player 
and 2 barbarian nations). This is also hardcoded but IMHO easier to solve 
than the map limitation.

> * Server architecture:
> The current single-threaded architecture of the Freeciv server will also
> be a limitation for large Longturn games. The server should probably be
> multithreaded to be more scalable. Would this be realistic?

No idea here.


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