On Thu, 1 Jul 2010, Matthias Pfafferodt wrote:
>> Do not expect the patches to apply cleanly or even to work. They are based
>> on the svn from 2010-04-21 patch 'Add utilities to make safe operations on
>> UTF-8 strings.'. I do not have the svn ID as I import the svn into a git
>> repo.
> Some additional ideas how to do this (I pondered this a long time) :
> - if the number of player is increased, the player struct should be defined as
> pointer
> - some data in the struct is saved for each player (diplstat), thus old player
> *must not* be removed; else one cannot access this data using the player id
> (= index of the player in the corresponding list)
> - as result, the player struct should be divided into two parts; one with the
> basic data (name) and one with all the data only needed if the player is
> alive
> - speclist.h should be used for the list of players and also the additional
> data per player (player->diplstat)
> - there should be functions to add a player (to the list of players and also
> to the diplstat of *each* player) and to kill a player (remove the variable
> data part and set the diplstat to a defined state)
> - the network protocol and the client have to be checked (can they handle the
> changes?)

Thanks for the interesting info, Matthias. Could you please elaborate a 
little? Why are these changes necessary to increase the number of possible 

  - Andreas

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