> >
> > old games will refuse to load the new save file due to a required
> > capability (I hope '+version2' does this?!). If you want to use such a
> > game with an old version you have to load it in 2.2.99+ and save it in
> > the old format.
>  Just to clarify: This change was committed to trunk only, so first
> release which it will be part of, is 2.3.0. Further bugfix releases
> from S2_2 branch (2.2.x releases) will not have it.
>  Also, this is not server / client compatibility thing, but server /
> savegame compatibility thing. 2.2.x server / client will be
> incompatible with 2.3.x server / client anyway.

Sorry if I was not clear. The changes are only for trunk (will be 2.3.0). 
Thus, if you playing 2.2.x you will not see any of the above discussed 

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