Hello all developers of freeciv,

today I submitted some big changes to trunk:

* increase map size to 128.000 (max linear size 512)
* increase max number of players to 28
* new savegame format (use 'set saveversion -1' to get a savegame in the old 
format). A script to test the new format can be found at 
https://gna.org/patch/?1541. It converts a savegame between the different 
formats and compares them. There should only be differences in the event 
cache. Due to some processing while loading the game, there are also 
differences in the map.owner sections.

On last change is WIP:

* player slots as dynamically allocated data (+ diplstates + ai_data + ...)

I do hope that this did not introduce bugs but let's see ...

Matthias aka syntron
Matthias Pfafferodt - http://www.mapfa.de
Matthias.Pfafferodt <at> mapfa.de

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