Could we maybe start a patch, or discussion board discussion of this?
That would allow others who haven't previously expressed an interest
to join in.

>> Ann
> David

>> On the other hand, more divisions are needed, as the number of nations grows.
>       ?!?  It is not obvious to me more of one necessitates more of the 
> other.  Can you explain please?  Also, the only periods that i feel are 
> significant in game terms are those that have associated city tilesets: 
> Ancient, Medieval, Modern.  Are you suggesting that the artists contribute 
> more categories of city tiles?

This is just my personal feeling.

I consider the time periods not in terms of tilesets, but in terms
of categorization, similar to the continent grouping, which has no
impact on tileset, but is used to help someone find the nation that
they are looking for.

Thus, as the number of nations grows, it becomes more difficult to
find the nation you're looking for if you maybe don't remember the 
name but do want to reduce the scope of your search through the
use of categories.  Of course making more time-related categories
is simply one solution to that problem; making it possible to search
the descriptions would be another solution.  It would be equally possible
to categorize countries on the basis of the colours which are present
in the flag.

I haven't studied the code much, however, so I don't know if the time
periods have some other impact.  From the earlier comment by mixcoatl,
I got the impression that random opponents were chosen from the same
time period.  If time periods have more of a meaning than I think, it
could be nice to expand them in order to be clearer about conflicting

For me it's just about being able to search through a smaller subset,

- A

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