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> Could we maybe start a patch, or discussion board discussion of this?
> That would allow others who haven't previously expressed an interest
> to join in.
>>> Ann
>> David
>>> On the other hand, more divisions are needed, as the number of nations
>>> grows.
>>        ?!?  It is not obvious to me more of one necessitates more of the
>> other.  Can you explain please?  Also, the only periods that i feel are
>> significant in game terms are those that have associated city tilesets:
>> Ancient, Medieval, Modern.  Are you suggesting that the artists contribute
>> more categories of city tiles?
> This is just my personal feeling.
> I consider the time periods not in terms of tilesets, but in terms
> of categorization, similar to the continent grouping, which has no
> impact on tileset, but is used to help someone find the nation that
> they are looking for.
> Thus, as the number of nations grows, it becomes more difficult to
> find the nation you're looking for if you maybe don't remember the name but
> do want to reduce the scope of your search through the
> use of categories.  Of course making more time-related categories
> is simply one solution to that problem; making it possible to search
> the descriptions would be another solution.  It would be equally possible
> to categorize countries on the basis of the colours which are present
> in the flag.

One idea that I've had for some time is to redesign the UI so that you
can filter nations based on several criteria at once, with a simple
example being "African AND Modern". Perhaps by making each group a
checkbox rather than a tab.

> I haven't studied the code much, however, so I don't know if the time
> periods have some other impact.  From the earlier comment by mixcoatl,
> I got the impression that random opponents were chosen from the same
> time period.  If time periods have more of a meaning than I think, it
> could be nice to expand them in order to be clearer about conflicting
> nations.

Yes, the code will pick AI opponent nations based on the 'match' value
for your nation's groups. See nations.ruleset, e.g.:


...which means that if you choose to play as the Chinese (ancient
asian) the code will try to pick other ancient nations but not
necessarily other Asian nations.

> For me it's just about being able to search through a smaller subset,
> however.
> - A

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