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> Follow-up Comment #9, patch #1698 (project freeciv):
> The term "early modern" does have a definition, in the sense that it is used
> to refer to the years named in European history.  So in that sense it is not
> open to interpretation: it begins with a break from the past (widespread
> access to books/the Protestant reformation/discovery of the new world), and
> ends with more disruption (French revolution/mass industrialization).
> I'm less certain about that modern/contemporary distinction, which I would
> suggest might be dated to the fall of the Berlin wall...but I never studied
> modern history, so I am much less sure of this division.  It may be that it
> is as closely defined in the eyes of modern historians as the term 'early
> modern.'

        I'm not going to disagree that "early modern" is a distinct category to 
professional historians.  My point is that the average Freeciv player [and, 
indeed, even myself] is not sufficiently knowledgable about history to be sure 
exactly what period we are referring to until you defined it for us.  To avoid 
confusion, i suggest we stick to categories that can be clearly delineated.  
The other thing is that historians mostly work with a single timeline on Earth, 
whereas Freeciv more typically deals with planets that don't share our historic 
peculiarities such as the Cold War.

> The problem, of course, with any division which is made, is that the
> divisions are made on the basis of European history (as they already are, to
> some extent).  The more fine-grained the divisions become, the more the
> history of just one region is highlighted.

        It is common sense that nations will show variations in technological 
advancement.  Therefore the 'era' can only refer to the most advanced [or, 
perhaps the top of the Bell Curve, i.e. the average].

> On the other hand, more divisions are needed, as the number of nations grows.

        ?!?  It is not obvious to me more of one necessitates more of the 
other.  Can you explain please?  Also, the only periods that i feel are 
significant in game terms are those that have associated city tilesets: 
Ancient, Medieval, Modern.  Are you suggesting that the artists contribute more 
categories of city tiles?

        FWIW, CivIII gets by just fine on four eras: Ancient, Middle Ages, 
Industrial & Modern.  I haven't yet played CivIV, so i can't comment on that.

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