Follow-up Comment #12, patch #1936 (project freeciv):

I'm glad you implemented the population limit, I'll test it.

Although I still think the Trade limit was a good alternative.
With gold_upkeep_style = 0 a city can be the home for more units than his
gold production, as long as your global treasury ends positive. And it is
possible to rehome all your units to same city.
Only if the treasure falls under zero the units/buildings would start to be
disbanded, so there is not really a limitation.

Trade is not affected by markets, banks, taxman citizens, nor by the tax
rate, so it is a stable value. In fact, trade in a city use to be similar
than the shield production, and it would create a limitation similar to
default upkeep by shields.

I also like limitation based on population because it is more restrictive,
more stable, and I guess it would get wars more even. And it makes sense you
can recruit only a percentage of your population for military units.
For modern units as fighters you would need to recruit less people, but the
percentage of population that can be teached to pilot a fighter is also
smaller, so the pop limit still makes sense to me.


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