Follow-up Comment #6, patch #1936 (project freeciv):

I admit I like the suggestion to use trade more than mine to use population.
I didn't liked at first because peaceful governments (democracy/republic)
increase a lot the trade, but those govs also increase the population due to
rapture growth.
It would make celebrations under monarchy/communism a bit more useful, and it
makes sense that roads, superhighways, trade routes and even the Colosus to
increase your supported army.

I'm also liking the idea to switch the home city to another that can support
it. It is true it would be an easy way to move a unit, but it is not so
important under gold upkeep, I see it a good thing to reduce micromanaging,
and it would act automatically as the "magic" needed for the AI.
In fact, under gold upkeep styles where units are paid in a lump sum, the
home city is not important except to cause military unhappiness. In this
scenario, it is not an advantage that unsupported units suddently switch to
random cities.

I really liked the suggestion by KeyserSoze, though I'm also new here, is up
to developers to decide.


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