Follow-up Comment #3, task #7334 (project freeciv):

> So, one more patch to commit to gtk2-client and then we are 
> ready for branching. Any objections, or can I do it in a couple 
> of days?
I'm mainly worried that I'm not going to be able to build this new client
myself, as I don't think my current Linux distro has any Gtk3 dev packages. So
if I want to check I haven't broken it, or especially if I want to add/change
some feature in the Gtk client(s) (likely), then I'm out of luck.

However, that situation is probably not going to be different tomorrow or two
months from now, so it probably shouldn't inform the timing of the fork.
Whenever it happens I'll have to find some way to build for Gtk3, either by
finding backported Gtk3 packages for Ubuntu Lucid (I didn't find any on a
cursory look just now), or by upgrading my distro when one containing Gtk3 is
available, or by building Gtk3 (and related dependencies) from source (maybe
that isn't as scary as I fear).


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