Follow-up Comment #7, task #7334 (project freeciv):

> Debian unstable seems to have package named libgtk-3-0 now.
As does Ubuntu from natty (11.04) onwards.

> I assume that building instructions for gtk3 itself are not 
> needed now?
I don't think they'll be necessary -- just your reassurance that I'm not
likely to end up in dependency hell is probably sufficient. Although to be
honest, I'd probably just go for installing a more modern distro in a virtual
machine for any Gtk3 work I have to do (since I don't intend to move my main
machine on from Ubuntu Lucid any time soon).

> In the beginning so-called gtk3-client tree will be actually 
> gtk2-client prepared to switch to gtk3.
(per patch #2689)
That may make things easier, but I may still have problems on Lucid, since
that only has 2.20 and this code will target 2.24-ish.

(This is all about my personal circumstances, but I think it's worth leaving
these breadcrumbs in case any other developer finds themself in a similar


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