Follow-up Comment #5, bug #18170 (project freeciv):

> How about a server option for bug-compatibility, allowing server
> operators who are afflicted with such databases to carry on?

That's what I was about to propose. This gives server operators the freedom
to decide when they make the switch to new md5. They can do it immediately, or
to postpone all the way until they migrate to big-endian machine. Could we
actually provide option that has two values: one (strongly preferred default)
which produces results similar to old little-endian behavior on all machines,
and another which produces results similar to old big-endian behavior *on all
Such an option is really rarely needed, and really shouldn't be used by
accident, so I wonder if it should be commandline-option at all or only in
database access configuration file (I haven't checked new authentication
database access code, but I assume that server name and port, mysql user name
and password are still read from configuration file). Putting it to database
itself would require adding completely new table as there is no kind of
metadata table at the moment (no any one-row table). Then again, we may want
such an table in the future anyway.

Whether this should be resolved in S2_3 depends a lot of how invasive our
final solution is, and when someone makes it. This would be nice to fix before
2.3.0, but I don't consider it blocker. Potential server operators should now
raise their voice and demand this to be fixed for 2.3.0 ("I'm going to create
completely new database to be used with 2.3.0 and beyond, and it should be
possible to make it right from the beginning")


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