Follow-up Comment #8, bug #18170 (project freeciv):

> I can't find a ticket for its addition to Freeciv, so I don't
> know more about its exact provenance (a "Mike Kaufman" was
> involved).

For the record: Mike & others originally wrote authentication code for
freeciv pubserver only (now, how many of you even remember pubserver...:-) It
was not in public freeciv version control, but just local patch applied when
freeciv server for pubserver was built. It's quality reflected that; it was
meant to run only on that one specific hardware and environment (hardcoded
mysql usernames, passwords, filesystem paths...)
At some point Mike decided to save the authentication code from failing
pubserver by adding it to freeciv version control.
It was behind #ifdefs and didn't even compile when I decided to set up my own
public server. So I cleaned the code up a good deal to make it reusable in my


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