Update of bug #18087 (project freeciv):

             Assigned to:                     jtn => syntron                
         Planned Release:             2.3.0,2.4.0 => 2.4.0                  
                 Summary: server segfault on a map with 1.3M tiles =>
Increase max map size to 2,048,000 tiles (and max linear size to 32,768)


Follow-up Comment #18:

I've committed trunk-S2_3-hugemap-stack-overflow.diff to S2_3 and trunk,
under the auspices of bug #17962.

Autogame testing now in progress. (You might reasonably think it should be
the other way round, but I want to maximise the chances of this patch being
tested before release.) Anything that comes out of that, or any further
comments on that specific patch, should be made on bug #17962, please.

Since the segfault in the bug name has probably been fixed by this, I'll
repurpose this bug for discussion of increasing the map size limits and
anything that needs to be done to make that work, retarget it to 2.4.0, and
reassign it back to Matthias.


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