Follow-up Comment #12, bug #18087 (project freeciv):

So we probably want to steal at least some of this patch for 2.3.0 to deal
with bug #17962.

We'll want at least the recursion fix for assign_continent_flood(). Question
is, do we want to be selective about the rest? As far as I can tell on a quick
glance, none of it breaks network or savegame compatibility, so it's all about
the risk, either.

On a quick glance, much of the patch seems to be taking big allocations off
the stack and replacing them with calloc/free with exactly the same

> Oh there is so much stack abuse in freeciv.
...question: is allocating huge arrays on the stack instead of allocating the
same arrays on the heap (in the absence of recursion etc) really an abuse?
Naively, I'd expect them to come out of the same memory, and you can't forget
to free an array on the stack.
Are there platforms where allocating stack is more likely to fail or
generally smellier than allocating heap? (Genuine question; my experience
isn't that wide.)


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