Follow-up Comment #6, bug #18517 (project freeciv):

> Christian's builds
>   2.3.0-RC1 OK (libgtk-win32-2.0-0.dll = 2.16.5)

So, if the deciding factor indeed is gtk+ version, latest crosser development
version with gtk+ downgraded to 2.16.5 should work. Newer gtk+ was not even
dependency for anything so gtk+ version really was all I changed (well, gtk+
2.16.5 still had gdk-pixbuf built in, so I couldn't build (gtk+ 2.16.5) and
(gdk-pixbuf 2.22.1 and gtk+ 3.0.12) but I had to completely disable gtk+ 3

Due to limited diskspace these are available for short time only for
pinpointing this problem:

You may want to test also if combination of above freeciv compiled against
gtk+ 2.16.5 (compatible with any gtk2 version above 2.16.5) and dllstack
binaries with later gtk+ version work (I would be very surprised if it would,

I'm already building also gtk+ 2.18.9 version in the hope that we can
eventually find out exact change in gtk+ that broke this, and to check if it's
gtk+ bug or bug in the way we use gtk+.


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