Am Montag, 12. September 2011, 19:35:23 schrieb Michal Mazurek:
> > > The diff is here:
> > 
> > Do you have a version with single patches for the different things you
> > have (like newcomer command, ...)? A year (or two) ago I did split the
> > diff between freeciv and longturn such that it were small pieces. This
> > helps to get it step by step into mainline.
> No, but if you think any of the features has a chance of integration
> I'll create separate diffs happily.

Do you have a short list of the changes. Looking at the patch I find:

- newcomer command
  => why not use lua? additional lua code needed (+ lua functions)
- function agains sql injection
  => I think this one can be applied (should go into utility?)
- Migrant unit type
- commands: autocreate, syncturn, newcomer
- auth (lua!)


- why are the displayed player names changed?

> > In 2.3 (and trunk) a lot of thing are possible with lua. If possible, I
> > would implement this feature in this language as the infrastructure
> > exists (read lua file from console; create player).
> If you could write it, I'll test it. If it will work I'll remove the c
> code. Or if you could just write a hello world and tell me how to run it.
> LUA has some pieces of code that can cause Bus error on sparc64.

Is the lua error fixed? This would be the first task ...

I did a search on google and found this:

... and added the LUA_USE_APICHECK define to the code if debug=yes|checks is 
used. Could you please test it? Perhaps there is an error in the lua code? 

> LTex 2.3 has started, I invite you to join!

I will check the time ...

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