For the first time in some time, I have time for freeciv work.  But on
compiling, --enable-debug=checks (--enable-debug=yes in older
branches) doesn't compile in trunk or in most branches anymore.

One issue does seem to be in the GTK header files, both not under our
control and commented in the headers as being deprecated in C99 but
needed for backwards compatibility.  That particular check (-W flag
given to gcc) will have to be removed for it to compile.

Another common issue is a seemingly new catch by the compiler of
unused variables that are set but never used.  Many of these are
accidental but some happen in iterate loops where a variable is
provided but not used within the loop.  For this I propose a macro to
mark the variable as unused, which will tell both the compiler and the
reader what's going on.

My first task will be making up a patch for this, which IMO should be
taken care of before the branching.  If there's anything else I should
look at though let me know.

I'm on irc (#freeciv-dev on if anyone wants to
discuss in realtime.


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