On 24 October 2011 22:20, Jason Dorje Short <jdo...@gmail.com> wrote:
> For the first time in some time, I have time for freeciv work.  But on
> compiling, --enable-debug=checks (--enable-debug=yes in older
> branches) doesn't compile in trunk or in most branches anymore.
> One issue does seem to be in the GTK header files, both not under our
> control and commented in the headers as being deprecated in C99 but
> needed for backwards compatibility.  That particular check (-W flag
> given to gcc) will have to be removed for it to compile.

 What distribution are you using? Are you using distribution's
versions of both gcc and gtk+ (one would assume that those are
compatible with each other)? I have no such problems with Debian
Wheezy; gcc  4.6.1, gtk2 2.24.6

> Another common issue is a seemingly new catch by the compiler of
> unused variables that are set but never used.  Many of these are
> accidental but some happen in iterate loops where a variable is
> provided but not used within the loop.  For this I propose a macro to
> mark the variable as unused, which will tell both the compiler and the
> reader what's going on.

 These are new with gcc 4.6. I have fixed most of them, and have
patches for many of the remaining ones. Your macro is probably
required for the remaining ones.
See bug #18217

 - ML

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