> >> Yes, it says as much in the header.  IMO it is essential that the code
> >> compile with --enable-debug=checks; the only solutions therefore are
> >> to remove this one check (which seems fine to me) or to make the
> >> checks work differently per-directory.  The latter would probably be
> >> pretty easy actually with a bit of Makefile.am magic and some small
> >> changes to debug.m4 - that is, allowing the Makefile.am to set a
> >> DEBUG_CFLAGS variable that overrides the default.
> > 
> > Could you check the two files in https://gna.org/patch/index.php?2960 ...
> Which two? And what am I testing them for?

Sorry, my answer was too short ;-)

The patch basically rewrites the debug.m4 file. It collects all debug relating 
code of the configure process and puts it in this file. The second patch 
changes the handling of --enable-debug=yes to include nearly all checks but 
the check which results in a compile error for gtk2. This check can be 
activated using --enable-debug=checks.

The question is, if this is a configuration as you asked?

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