Follow-up Comment #23, bug #18835 (project freeciv):

have to say the vertical thing is *much* preferable to the horizontal tabs
for large numbers of nations. the vertical scroll thing is slightly annoying,
but if playing with a mouse is tolerable. (I don't think the UI has enough
room for a second row of nations, so we can skip that idea)
I think diplomacy feels nicer if chat has been floated (so the dipl takes up
the whole area), but since it s annoying having chat floated while playing i
guess thats just how things are :)
I definitely like the large clauses window, only problem is the distance that
the player has to scroll in order to accept it the clauses. Is it possible to
move the accept/cancel buttons?

Thanks for working on those patches, i'd probably be happy with them 'as is'
(at least for a broader audience).

If anyone wants me to upload the source packages i'm using for testing
somewhere i can (eg, if they want to build them on ubuntu/debian/a deriv).


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