Follow-up Comment #41, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

Minor comment about GdkWindow to cairo context move:
in one specific case there's a "minor" catch about it:
in case of get_overview_window, the context will leak, as each call creates a
new context.
I don't have a good idea how to go around it as refresh_overview_from_canvas
isn't client specific (and there's no release_overview_window).

Well, unless I'd simply implement get_overview_window as returning {NULL,
NULL} and forgo using refresh_overview_from_canvas in favor of doing it
correctly in the expose callback.

Cause for the time being get_overview_window is only used by
refresh_overview_from_canvas and the later only in that expose callback - but
*I* can make no guarantees about *you* starting to use it somewhere else.


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