Follow-up Comment #31, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

TBH, the real gtk3 client (not just gtk2-by-cairo) will require a bit of
reworking this patch.

While I haven't (yet) even tried to debug why does it crash upon start if
built against gtk3, I can make a good guess:
AFAICT, in gtk3 case, the context of "draw" signal (that replaced
"expose-event") *must not* be destroyed (and obviously it's already clipped to
the widget size).

That's why I suspect .context would make a better element of canvas than
The obvious catch is all of the functions would need to be rechecked whether
or not they're called outside former "expose-event". I think the lobotomy, I
mentioned in comment #9, should have help with that.

Now, that I think about it, perhaps I should simply reverse the logic and
check for .pixmap==NULL on canvas, instead of the other one.

BTW, a couple of changes in the patch is just a bit of noise, as I was trying
to silence some of the compiler warnings (IIRC, on -Wall) - mostly things like
"signed-unsigned comparison".


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