Follow-up Comment #37, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

That was true for earlier patches, but since comment #17, those two are
against r20326 - as I said, first apply api, then cairo.

Also, this version of the patch works now with gtk3, though:
- I'm almost sure it leaks
- gtkpixcomms aren't drawn correctly (though if you i.e. blindly click on
citizens in city dialog, widget does receive the event)

gtk+-2.24.5 and gtk+-3.2.1

gtk 3 build isn't exactly implemented yet, I simply edited client/Makefile
and client/gui-gtk-3.0/Makefile.

The redraw of the science dialog isn't working correctly in gtk3 either, but
as soon as I figure out the problem with gtkpixcomms I'll try to take care of
that too. Good enough that this much already works.

(file #14386)

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