Follow-up Comment #35, patch #2715 (project freeciv):

OK, I've made some progress.

After a trivial (a NULL check) change in themes.c, freeciv is not only able
to build with gtk3, but it starts with it and even seems to display overview
window correctly.

No more than that, however, as as it gets SIGABRT shortly after, can't even
display map window.

Now, I've made the change I was talking about - .drawable is now a cairo

There's a little catch however - in science_diagram_update, if I put the
comment on 'gdk_cairo_region(cr, ev->region);' line whole window gets redrawn,
but it looks correctly; if there's no comment (so the context is properly
clipped), only the boxes are redrawn - the whole background is black. I need
to think about it - for the moment, putting the comment there will do.

(file #14384)

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