missed an important thing:

The needed patches are only in S2_4 and trunk; you have to pick svn20274-
sv20277 and svn20286-svn20296. These patches do not change the network 
interface. Thus, they should be easily be backported to S2_3.

Am Montag, 14. November 2011, 21:26:43 schrieben Sie:
> Hello Michal,
> Am Montag, 14. November 2011, 10:09:56 schrieb Michal Mazurek:
> > Now that i finished the new website i want to move the c patches to lua.
> > I guess I'll start with postgres authentication.
> good idea - I will help as much as I can!
> I think I have somewhere an old patch which starts to implement respawn in
> lua.
> > I have some questions though:
> > Can the lua scripts be reloaded while the server is running?
> The lua files for the database can be reloaded (database.lua - use 'fcdb
> reload'); about the files used for the game (default.lua, script.lua) I'm
> not sure. I think the command 'lua file <path to lua file>' will reload
> this files in the context of the game lua script.
> > Can i have other files than the default.lua and script.lua? I want each
> > functionality (auth, newcomers) to be in a separate file.
> The freeciv database (auth) and the game engine are two separate lua
> instances. They are completely separated. As stated above, one is defined
> in database.lua while the other is loaded from default.lua and script.lua.
> For authentication I hacked up a database.lua file for postgres. Perhaps
> you could get it to a cleanup state (timestamps, etc.) and post it as
> patch? The attached files include the database.lua file as well as the
> command to start the server and an exemplary config file. The sql
> statement to create the databases is included in the database.lua file.
> > I'm collecting statistics and generating plots:
> > http://longturn.org/game/LTeX23/ . Maybe this can be incorporated into
> > freeciv? Right now i write statistics to files called (T%03d) % turn,
> > and then parse them with perl and generate plots with gnuplot. Freeciv
> > already generates gifs of the map across time, plots would be a nice
> > addition.
> Did you check the freeciv log file? It does something like this! In the
> forum some time ago scripts were posted which load this data and create
> plots. Perhaps it can be reused?
> Matthias (aka syntron)

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