Follow-up Comment #1, bug #19899 (project freeciv):

I think the problem is deeper than that.
I have played peaceful games in v2.3, where AI never enter war (tested by
increasing "AI love"), and soon they stop building settlers to start building
workers and other city improvements.

I thought the problem could be that AI considers settlers better than workers
for terrain improvement. However, I have tried to reduce the cost of the
workers, to increase the cost of the settlers, to change the food and upkeep
costs, but AI just keep building settlers in v2.4.
For example: in my latest game with civ2civ3 over v2.4: turn 220, certain AI
nation has 14 cities, 52 settlers, 0 workers, and 9 cities are building new
settlers. This never happens with same rules over v2.3.

Tell me if I can test something to help find the cause, because this problem
is affecting too much the playability of civ2civ3 mod. I'll try to upload some
savegames anyway.


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