Follow-up Comment #7, bug #19899 (project freeciv):

You are right, the error appears with and without your patch, when I end the
first turn, playing civ2civ3 rules, everytime.
The error does not appear when I play default (classic) rules.

I upload the requested savegames with v2.3 where AI stops building settlers,
even being at peace with rest of nations, in case it is still useful to
compare the new patch.

Used civ2civ3 version downloaded from modpack-tool. Both savegames where
played in AI mode, observing the Indians:

1) turn 75, when Indians start to build workers and other improvements. Most
cities where building settlers until now.
2) turn 80, most cities (9/11) have switched to build workers, barracks or

I never see AI switching from settlers to workers in my tests with v2.4. I'll
test with your patch if I can.

(file #16060, file #16061)

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File name: civ2civ3_v2.3.2b_settlers-T0075.sav.bz2 Size:56 KB
File name: civ2civ3_v2.3.2b_settlers-T0080.sav.bz2 Size:59 KB


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