Follow-up Comment #6, bug #19899 (project freeciv):

> When I press end turn I get this error: "in tdc_plr_set()
> [aisettler.c::533]: assertion
> 'ai->settler->tdc_hash != ((void*)0)' failed."

I don't see such error with or without the patch. Does it happen to you every
time, or do you have specific steps to reproduce? Can you test if it happens
also without the patch (if it does, patch is certainly not the reason it
happens)? Do you have backtrace (you usually get one with these error messages
if you have configured with --enable-debug)?

As the question if this is caused by my patch, this curiously happens with
somewhat related code; autosettlers. Yet I don't see how my patch could be the
reason directly. One theory is that error is with Workers, which AI never had
time to build without my patch as it was just building Settlers.


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