Follow-up Comment #10, patch #3432 (project freeciv):

Is it possible to have 'extended' civil war nations spawn in a core nations
game? If not then maybe it would be a good solution to add some non-core
nations as non-playable nations to the core set, giving every core nation at
least one related civil war nation. A game with only core nations would allow
for an Algerian nation in the game; it shouldn't appear when picking an
nation, but it could appear in case a civil war hits the French (and/or

> The Spanish come up a lot... maybe they should be in the "extras"? (I'm sure
they've been in at least one commercial Civ.)
It seems I missed the Spanish... they should be in of course.

> earth-160x90-v2.sav: 24/30 in "core" Missing: Gallic, British, Inuit,
Papuan, Cambodian, Manchu.

Gallic could be represented by Celtic, British by English and Cambodian by
Khmer. Polynesian could serve as a replacement for Papuan. I'm not sure about
Inuit and Manchu; some Native American nation and Hunnic would be options.

>  north_america_116x100-v1.2.sav: 9/12 Missing: Spanish, Scottish, Irish.

Scottish or Irish could be represented by Celtic.


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