Follow-up Comment #5, patch #3469 (project freeciv):

So, step 2 will regard the simple part of gdk_window_get_pointer

- in chatline .c, one call was doing nothing, the other was connected to a
signal that seems to have been redundant (AFAICT, things work correctly
without handling that signal)
- one of the calls in mapctrl.c was made in a callback to an event where the
pointer device wasn't really important (the little testing I've done suggest
things work just like there use to with this change)

Now, I've got a little problem:
city_activated_callback (cityrep.c) and impr_callback (citydlg.c) - AFAICT,
these two, while *seem* to be working, are actually incorrect both in gtk3 and
gtk2; the problem is that, unless I'm missing something, they check for Ctrl
being pressed *during* the callback, not when the event takes place; while in
most cases, human reaction time will make it a non issue, it won't make it

Still left are those three functions in mapctrl.c - the plan for
overlay_workers_at_city is unchanged atm., other two are a bit more
complicated (want to made a significant change, but not break common client
code in the process).

(file #16284)

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