Follow-up Comment #11, patch #3469 (project freeciv):

Well, here's a funny thing: while tinkering with update_rect_at_mouse_pos, I
thought I've made a regression, but gtk2 client seems to have the same

Holding right mouse button, select an area. Without releasing the button,
scroll with mouse wheel. When you stop scrolling, move the mouse a bit, while
not releasing the button - observe part one of the problem. Now release it -
second part of the problem (selection rectangle is drawn till map_canvas gets

On a semi-related note: is toggle_focus_unit_state the function responsible
for drawing focus circle ?

Also, it seems I'll go into total grid conversion, including converting *all*
the boxes into grids. Crazy, ain't it ?

But I wonder: it seems that there's a good chance to make
a few options switchable without restart via  gtk_orientable_set_orientation
(that's gtk+ 2.16, actually).
I'll go back to this idea once I'm done with grids.


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