Follow-up Comment #23, patch #3469 (project freeciv):

This tarball carries complete patchset against r21858 trunk.

There are quite a few patches here, that are already attached to other
bugs/patches here, but there are just too many changes already to show the
current state in any other way.

This isn't final yet - while grids have a few upsides, one downside in regard
of boxes is that there's no real equivalent of gtk_box_pack_end - attaching
*at* the end is simple, *from* - not so. To do that, I'll need to fix a few

It's not quite 1:1 - I think I went in the other direction this time and added
too much spacing - but it should mostly match previous behavior.

But - unless I've missed something - it's more or less done.

Probably made a mistake or two there, so please review (especially votebar
wasn't quite tested - didn't came up with an easy test setup).

Among the changes there are a few minor enhancements (i.e. in rates dialog -
though I'm not sure I've made it in the right part of it (namely in regard of
refreshing the dialog on govt. change)).

Most of my testing was on S2_4, but the patches were cherry-picked from one
branch to the other, so it *should* be fine.

(file #16493)

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