Follow-up Comment #21, patch #3469 (project freeciv):

News update: git 1.7.12 was released.
It's with svn 1.7 patch here, so I'm slowly working on separating the changes
I've already made (and tweaking them a little) into a series of git patches.

Unless something significant happens, within a week or two those patches will
slowly be attached here.

Plans for a few callbacks:
- as create_line_at_mouse_pos is redundant, it will most likely become '{}'
- update_rect_at_mouse_pos probably likewise, after adjusting move_mapcanvas
- overlay_workers_at_city will simply be merged into butt_down_mapcanvas

Still planing to lean heavily on GtkGrid.

On semi-related note: complete 'git svn clone' took about 5 hours - ouch.


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