Follow-up Comment #87, patch #3469 (project freeciv):

Months ago, I remember looking at some of the earlier commits to trunk in this
ticket and thinking that they were visible improvements we might well want for

On a brief look now I can't remember what exactly I was thinking of,
unhelpfully. But anyway, in principle, is there a reason not to port the
changes to the Gtk3 client code wholesale to S2_4? It's not like S2_4 gtk3 has
a long history of testing behind it (I've noticed no feedback from users), and
having two different gtk3 codebases to maintain seems like making a rod for
our own backs. Unless all these GtkGrid changes are particularly risky, or
bump the minimum required Gtk version or something?

(I haven't actually tried trunk gtk3 myself since the GtkGrid stuff went in.)


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