Follow-up Comment #92, patch #3469 (project freeciv):

Here's my version of the patch series backported from commits on trunk.
There were a few conflicts, but they were all explicable and easily resolved
(unfortunately I lost my notes on the origins of the conflicts, so you'll have
to take my word for it).
It compiles and my minimal testing so far didn't show any problems relative to

Compared to Rafał's patch series it has the following differences:
* I took the arguably unrelated cleanup patch #2908 from trunk too
* ...but I didn't take the fix for bug #14205
* Patches which have not yet been applied to trunk have not been applied here
** 11/60 and 12/60 (patch #3550)
** 21/60 (patch #3560)
** 53/60 (patch #3572)
* Patches are in a slightly different order (matching the order they were
committed to trunk)

Are there any objections to committing this patch series?
(Commits would appear under relevant tickets, and I'd update the ticket
statuses to reflect this.)

Couple of random notes on behavioural differences resulting from these changes
(on trunk and S2_4)
* minimap, unit list etc appears on the right of the main map rather than the
* option dialogs are more spaced out


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