Follow-up Comment #91, patch #3469 (project freeciv):

This is what I have on my 2.4 branch.
It includes all the patches that got into trunk and a few that didn't.

Obviously, cherry-picking "Use g_strdup_printf() or g_strdup()..." patch has
muddled the patchset a bit and is probably not really valid for 2.4.

There's also some some minor things like:
 - 0001 patch, which got accepted and 0019, which didn't (patch #3560), do
basically the same thing in different places - "gtk-button-images" is an
upstream invention, not mine and arguably gui_gtkX_small_display_layout is
sort of similar idea (using display space as efficiently as possible)
 - 0004 patch is technically a bugfix, so it should have been picked up
 - patch #3572 is yet to be fully tested

(file #17382)

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