Please excuse that I am fairly new to the code and may well ignore some details but, this request is asking for somethings that could be done by the real player that operates the client instance.

So this, like auto-settler and city management, "only" a goody, not an essential part of the code.

Instead of giving in to such requests, I would rather advocate an interface for the client where everyone can put any unit or types of units under the control of some client-side script.

The community could develop such scripts for all and every kind of purpose, and the best could be incorporated into the trunk.

This would also open a way to improve AI performance without much need of hardcoding.

My vision is that I could have a complete set of scripts for every occasion, running these against other players (with other scripts), just laying back and looking what my scripts will do, possibly interfering personally when they run bad,
analyzing what went wrong, and later improving them for the next encounter.

Yea, that would really be great!

David Lowe wrote:
Follow-up Comment #2, bug #20489 (project freeciv):

"Patrol" requires far too much micromanagement to be useful.  The primary
issue is that the pathfinder keeps steering the unit onto any available
road/river/etc and the unit never gets close to areas that aren't adjacent to
such.  I second the original poster in that it would be better if we had a
mode that would 'pull' units towards tiles that currently aren't seen.


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