On 2013 Feb 10, at 3:07 PM, Imhotep wrote:

> Instead of giving in to such requests, I would rather advocate an interface 
> for the client where everyone can put any unit or types of units under the 
> control of some client-side script.

        That's an interesting idea, but i don't know who would have the time 
and talent to submit such a patch.  In order to be truly useful, it would have 
to enable the given unit to do almost anything the player could tell it to do - 
and prevent the script from having the unit do things the player couldn't tell 
it to do.  It seems like that would require lots of hooks to accomplish all 
that.  But yeah, it would be nice to assign some Engineers to full-time 
pollution cleanup duties.

        In any case, your last post [and now mine] aren't attached to the 
tracker item and thus aren't being seen by everybody following that ticket.  In 
the future you may consider putting your replies back on the tracker.

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