Follow-up Comment #18, bug #20577 (project freeciv):

> - Updated to apply on svn HEAD (r22531) 

Thank you for that. I guess it would have been exceedingly more trouble for me
than it was for you.
(I have found other ways tho apply patches than "svn patch" but, I haven't
tried them yet and I see a risk to mess up my working copy with all of my
current changes.)

So now, how do we proceed? I see you fixed that capstr, too.

Can I do anything now on this topic, or should I wait for your comments after
you did some testing?

(It worked for me on many games, but I don't have the latest version from
trunk, and I have quite a lot of other changes in my working copy by now.
There was a typo in my last post, instead of "I have /no/ more than one patch"
it should read "I have /now/ more than one patch" ... .)


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