Follow-up Comment #14, bug #20577 (project freeciv):

Excuse me, I had a concussion and still have trouble concentrating, so I
probably make even more mistakes as from natural dumbness alone.

I try to include missing packets_gen but fail, because it "is not under
version control", not even when I use the original code:

$ cp common/packets_gen.h common/Imhotep_packets_gen.h
$ svn up -r22446 packets_gen.h
At revision 22446.
$ svn diff  server/unittools.c server/ruleset.c server/maphand.c
server/maphand.h server/barbarian.c server/barbarian.h server/plrhand.c
common/packets_gen.h common/fc_types.h > gamelossStyle22446_v4.patch
svn: 'common/packets_gen.h' is not under version control


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