Follow-up Comment #13, bug #20577 (project freeciv): is sent to client side, so server and client have to agree on what
it contains. If new server would send gameloss_style to old client, client
would be expect that value to be used for something completely different

I tried to make some testign for the first time, but:
- ruleset.c part does not apply to current svn HEAD. That was trivial to fix.
In the process I noticed that is first set to
GAMELOSS_STYLE_CLASSICAL and then values are orred to it. I'd recommend
setting it to explicit 0 first and orring on top of that. Set to default value
GAMELOSS_STYLE_CLASSICAL only if ruleset gives no value

But then compiler errors begun:
src.patched/server/plrhand.c: In function 'kill_player':
src.patched/server/plrhand.c:159:17: error: 'struct packet_game_info' has no
member named 'gameloss_style'
src.patched/server/plrhand.c:159:35: error: 'GAMELOSS_STYLE_CWAR' undeclared
(first use in this function)


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