Summary: Documentation update for requirements
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            Submitted on: Sat 06 Apr 2013 01:48:56 AM JST
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    Reviewing the code, I found some discrepancies between the implementation,
the documentation in README.effects, and the helptext generator in helpdata.c.
 The attached patch addresses this by updating the documentation: mostly very
small changes to README.effects, and only valid range expansions in

    There are two remaining strings in helpdata.c with which I was
unsatisfied, but that may be because I have an insufficient understanding of
how they are used.  The first is the text for VUT_IMPROVEMENT with a range of
"Local".  It doesn't appear to be used in any of the shipping rulesets, and as
far as I can tell, it just checks to see if the provided building is in the
local city, but in a slightly more hintable way than the city range.  The
helpdata.c comment doesn't clarify how it ought be used, nor the documentation
in README.effects.  Was this used in the past?  Was the helpdata text
applicable then?  Is it used now, and I just don't see where?

    The other is the string for VUT_CITYCENTER.  Applies only to city centers
is one possible string, another is requires a city center tile in (range). 
This may be complicated, as it may differ in usage between being used for
general effects (e.g. vision bonus, defense bonus) and as an enablement (e.g.
for road building).


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